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Discover How We Could Help You Save £500 On Passing Your Driving Test

While learning to drive and passing the driving test most learners want to have a good time with a fun and reliable instructor...and if you can save a few pennies then brilliant, so we're going to show how you could save £500

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Learn How To Save Over £500 On Getting Your Driving Licence
Hello and a big welcome to my driving school, Right now I am going to demonstrate how you can save over £500 on getting your driving licence, how you can pass in fewer lessons and how to pass first time. I have been a driving instructor for a long time and having helped many pupils I know these are things you want from your driving school. And yes, I know that you will also want to have an enjoyable time on your driving lessons.

What you are about to discover is not available in nearly all driving schools so you have done well to arrive here, however I do need to let you know you have to phone as early as you can because this is a very popular driving school.

Did You Know You Can End Up Paying More Money With Cheap Deals

My first big piece of advice is for you to stay well clear of special deals, if you have not seen them already some schools offer packages such as 5 hours for £50. The driving instructors in these schools are usually good people but are caught up in what their bosses order them to do. Many of these driving instructors can’t afford to offer such deals and this could affect the standard of the driving lesson.

You will also find that on many of these special offer promotions, not all the driving lessons are accessible for you immediately, several of the driving lessons are withheld from you until you get close to the driving test. But what if you don't like the approved driving instructor? You are possibly trapped or you leave and you lose your money. The truth is if you are not taking pleasure in your driving lessons you can want more training because they become a chore and also the dullness issue takes hold.

What often happens is you leave the driving school, sometimes you might wait a while until you start to learn again and the new driving school will need to give you an assessment which will set you back in the region of £150, I do not think that is something you want to do.

The Instructors Earn Nothing On A Cheap Deal

When you consider that it can easily cost close to £10-£12 an hour for a driving instructor to run a one hour driving lesson then you have to wonder how they may make a profit? Just how much driving are you going to do? Just how much will you learn? Are you wasting your time? Are you throwing away money?

The driving instructor needs to put money into their vehicle possibly purchasing it or renting it, fuel, operating expenses, taxes, insurance cover, new tyres, training, business services…and the list goes on.
It is not economical for a driving instructor, so if you're spending money on a low priced lesson it may end up costing you much more than you would imagine.

You Need a Minimum Of 2 Hours A Week

If you can’t find the money to take lessons each week then my most beneficial advice is for you is to save up. Try to remember when you were at school and had missed lessons when you were sick, or there's that certain lesson which is just one hour per week. It’s almost impossible to recall what you managed in the last class which means you needed to play catch up. However with driving lessons that will hit your bank account.

What's right to try and do is to be sure you can afford at least 2 hours every week, if you possibly could do 4 hours or 6 hours then brilliant. Of course you can spread the hours out over the week. The nice thing about learning to drive like this is you are going to retain so much information, you are going to forget much less, learn more quickly and require fewer driving lessons to pass your driving test.

Average Number Of Hours To Pass The Test is 47

You don't want to be average, it costs a great deal of money and the best way to beat the average number of hours is to pass your theory test in the first couple of weeks, book your practical test and take regular driving lessons as stated above.

Those who bypass weeks, or who can’t afford to drive, or take one hour a week turn out to be average or worse. It costs you money and you do not need that.

Learning To Drive With Friends And Family Is Expensive

Driving lessons along with your parents was not unusual but because of the cost of insurance cover you can be shelling out a bundle of money. The average amount of hours taken on personal practice is 20, imagine A couple of hours a week over 10 weeks and you're having to pay £30 a week for insurance, that’s £300 plus you've got to include in the price of the fuel. Getting regular driving lessons with me could help you save lots of money.

This Is The Best Way To Pass First Time

Failing your driving test can cost you around £300, that includes the price of a brand new test, hire of the tuition car and remedial lessons. This is something you wish to prevent. To provide yourself the best possibility of passing first time you want to do all of the following.

Be sure you have completed your progress report form and that all subject areas are designated as being independent.

Have a mock test and pass that, it'll do wonders to your self confidence.

And before you go into your driving test be certain that you're driving without the need for the assistance of your driving instructor.

If you can do these three factors then you'll have every possibility of passing first time

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driving lessons Poole
Steve taught my daughter to drive and she passed first time ☺ he made her feel at ease every lesson her confidence built every week thanks to steve would highly recommend him.

Lisa Kay
Before driving with Steve i had never driven before he was extremely patient and friendly, great instructor from start to end, i told him my deadline and he made it happen 1st time! i Highly recommend him!!

Tunde Jaji
Steve was very friendly and taught me well which led to me passing first time :)I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor and would definitely recommend.

Travis Mills