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Driving Test Rescue
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On a number of driving tests it is quite obvious the basis for failing and passing is actually with the learner driver, but if you are failing time after time then some thing isn’t correct. Have you been trained right? Have you completely comprehended what is required? Have you been prepared appropriately? Did you have the confidence entering your driving test?

Our driving test rescue training course is designed to help out novice drivers just like you to obtain their driving licence in the shortest time possible. It’s going to involve you informing us how your driving lessons were up to the test, what has took place on the test and something which is important, we want to be aware of your thoughts and opinions the reason why you have been unsuccessful.

As part of our driving test rescue driving lessons the first component is in fact free for you. It includes a phone consultation in which we will ask you a few pre-determined questions so we can get a better understanding of why you have been failing your driving test. Don’t get worried these questions are not complicated, it is mainly in regards to what happened in the run up to the driving test, the way you had been feeling, the reason why you had taken your driving test whenever you did along with what you failed on.

The subsequent step is to book you in for your first driving lesson, it's going to be more an evaluation as we wish to see how you drive. Using this practice session we can help you on the most effective approach and create a series of lessons to help you get to test standard.

Before your test you should have concluded the progress report card and be viewed as an independent driver, passed a mock test and you'll be driving with out our assistance. These three procedures are crucial to demonstrating you are prepared and creating the confidence you need to pass your driving test.

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